The Wife Of Creation Networks Mission is to provide guidance on your Healing journey by providing programs and resources that assist you in embracing wisdom of the mind, body and spirit in ways that are often overlooked.

Our intention is to share wisdom, and enlightenment while bringing awareness to Holistic Healing as a Resolution to the intergenerational trauma we experience in our lives and communities as a result of the conditioning of today's modern society.

Our Aim is to provide Guidance, Support, Leadership, Holistic alternatives, Resources and Community along your personal journey in  self development to awareness. It is our Desire to Inspire our communities and collective  to view life through wholistic lens inorder to cultivate their innermost potential.  

Wife of Creation Serves to Focus on Holistic Healing. A wide variety of people are Finding Themselves feeling more disconnected from life, and have Found it Difficult to experience or sustain true peace and genuine happiness. It is our belief that Parts of Each of us Have Been Fragmented. Separated from our true authentic essence  by Society, by Tradition, Educational institutes, Religious  Indoctrinations and our Life experiences. These Factors, along with Our Family Structures and Environments Heavily contribute to our Level of awareness and the type of experiences we create, accept and attract as adults.

Lacking awareness of this fact makes us likely to become more susceptible to painful experiences and soul expanding lessons through attracting  codependant, narcissistic or abusive partnerships, imbalanced Business Relationships and friendships.

In order to  truly heal and function optimally we must approach our healing from a Holistic Perspective. Meaning Mind body Soul and Spirit.

There is no one specific way to begin Healing and We recognize that true healing is a process that takes courage and unfolds in layers.  With this in mind we’ve intentionally  and carefully created go at your own pace Digital courses focused on a variety of holistic healing  modalities for personal development. We've also connected with an array of Professional Teachers, Healers, Mental health therapists, Nutritionist and Social Workers that are offering their services through one on one personal sessions and Group master classes