Ylang of Life


The Ylang of Life Aroma is the scent that is created with the intent to protect the sacred space and your aura.

Made with 100% Pure Coconut wax + Organic Pure refined shea Butters + intentionally crafted Essential Oils.

Coconut wax is a renewable and high-yield crop which means that fewer coconuts are needed to get a lot of product. Making coconut a very good eco-friendly wax based on how it is sourced.

The Design :

Beautifully crafted in cement vessels for sustainable use. Hand poured in Long island New York.


  • Warm oil Can Be used on your skin
  • Warm, relaxing oil for therapeutic body work and massaging.
  • eco friendly  100% organic ingredients 
  • Sustainable & Reusable Concrete Candle Vessel.



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