Day Use Pads


Includes: Day Use 9.5in.(20 Pads)

Perfect for work, play, vacation, or just staying at home – whatever you’re doing with your life, these highly absorbent, all-natural cotton pads with potent herbal extracts enable you to do it in comfort, without worrying about leaks.

Day use pads are sold in packs of twenty and are roughly 9.5 inches long. (20 Pads)

Bring peace of mind to your period with these chemical-free pads today!

Discover how all-natural extracts can give you the cool, breathable comfort and care you deserve TODAY!


The Ultimate Blend of Comfort and Quality

Stop forcing yourself to choose between comfort and quality - our unique herbal-infused cotton pads provide easy access to the best of both worlds. 

Our mission is to use the healing powers of nature to cultivate a healthy environment and give you the tender, loving care you deserve.



Improved Mobility and Flexibility to Suit Your Busy Life

Our line of all-natural herbal-infused pads are

  • great for adults and teens
  • great for postpartum maternity use
  • great for those who struggle with bladder control issues 

Our unique design incorporates a flexible shape so that you can focus on your healthy, active day


Infused with Herbal Essences

Our sanitary pads beautifully combine the traditional herbal formulations with the effective topical application techniques to bring you a feminine hygiene product that is truly unique in its effectiveness.

Here are just a few of the main ingredients and their known benefits:

Say BYE! To Harmful Chemical

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