The Moonstone Aroma is the scent that is created with the intent to Bring a Calming effect to balance and ground the energy in your sacred space. 

an aromatic delight and a Wife of creation favorite, a very soft subtle aroma that enlightens your space with a soothing scent that creates an instant relaxing vibration. Perfect Blend to burn after cleaning your home or a nice bath or shower.

Made with 100% Pure Coconut wax + Organic Pure Refined shea Butter +  bees wax100% Pure Essential oils.

For the best experience start by Lighting your candle, enjoy the aroma as you allow the candle to melt into a rich pool on the surface.

Pour or scoop out your desired amount and apply directly to skin.

Massage into skin 

Allow wax to pool the entire surface of the entire candle to maximize candle memory.

Keep away from flammable items/surfaces

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Coconut wax is a renewable and high-yield crop which means that fewer coconuts are needed to get a lot of product. Making coconut a very good eco-friendly wax based on how it is sourced.

Traditional Harvesting techniques of shea trees do not harm the trees or the surrounding ecosystem.

Our Wicks are premium cotton

Sustainable Cement Designed Vessels that Can Be Reused as Flower Pots, Pen Holders, Jewelry Holders etc

Our candles are hand poured and made with the ultimate highest frequency, LOVE.

Each candle is assembled by small batch in Long island, New York.

Made with fine pure essential oils so variations may occur

Some candles are made to order and may require additional processing time Gratitude in advance for your patience 


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